Method and values

I believe my working method and the values with which I carry out my business every day are very important to understand each other better and collaborate successfully.

My method

I work 100% remotely

When I started my career in 2010, remote working was still a pipe dream, and there were many clients who thought being in the office was the only way to work. Today the situation has changed and there is no lack of tools to work completely location-free.

This doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other: we can do video calls and when it is needed, it’s always a pleasure meeting clients in person.

There are no special arrangements required to work with me if you are based in Europe or the rest of the world, but please note that I live and work in Northern Ireland, and therefore there may be slight differences in administrative matters.

If you have any doubts or want to understand the matter better, let’s have a chat and I’ll explain everything.

I live in Belfast but I work all over the world

I work with local and global teams

… as long as there is a common language 😉

I have no problem interfacing with other professionals wherever they are and indeed I believe cultural diversity is a wealth. I have a past full of projects brought to the finish with scattered work teams.


My values

I base my working relationships on the mutual trust between me and the clients, and from this comes a good dose of independence: no to endless meetings without a real reason, yes to a team path towards the completion of projects.

Trust & Independence

Accuracy & Punctuality

I believe in meeting deadlines.
I pride myself on providing punctual and accurate project deliveries and I am sure this will make you rest easy, like my other clients.

I like working with clients and colleagues, basing collaborations on total moral honesty. I don’t like subterfuges and I believe the truth – even when uncomfortable – is always the best choice to obtain solid results in the long term.

Honesty & Accountability

Politeness & Courtesy

A polite and courteous relationship is important to me
I am an easy-going person and I like to base my business relationships on mutual understanding, respect and kindness.

A positive culture at work is good for everybody.
Everyone can make mistakes and it is hardly a question of errors that cannot be corrected, especially on the web. A positive work culture, which starts from respect and courtesy among professionals, is the quickest and most effective way for projects to lead to excellent results.

Constructive & Positive Crits


Emanuela Mae Agrini

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