About me

I have been working in digital communication since 2010. It has been a path of growth and learning while travelling between Italy and Northern Ireland.

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My creative and working path, in short:

My first day as a freelancer

I started working in the world of digital communication in 2010, embracing the Web 2.0 revolution.


Hello, I'm a copywriter and SEO writer

I widened my work field from social media to every kind of written digital communication.


Ciao! I mean hi...I've gone bilingual!

After moving to Belfast I started applying a bilingual approach to my work.


Welcome, Cambridge Certificate

I decided to make it official with a Cambridge English Certificate of Ability at C2 Level (Proficiency) at Belfast Metropolitan College


Pushing my visual boundaries

I started studying a new method to communicate globally through visual facilitation


Emanuela Mae Agrini

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