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Nice to meet you, I am Emanuela.

I have been working in digital communication since 2010. It has been a path of growth and learning while travelling between Italy and Northern Ireland.

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I was born in 1981 in Genoa, Italy, and after attending Archaeology at the University of Genoa, in 2010 I started my career as a freelance in the world of digital communication.

Those were the days of Web 2.0 when social media had just begun to peep into our habits. I took one of the first social media marketing courses in Italy and then I was lucky enough to meet a precious handful of clients who have placed their trust in my abilities, offering me the first collaborations. I saw the end of MySpace, the beginning of Facebook (or at least its patchy spread in Europe), the advent of Twitter and Instagram while working with social media.

Later I began to deal with communication in a broader sense, combining my love for language, writing and reading with a somewhat vagrant life, spent travelling between Italy and Ireland. In recent years I have gained experience writing on the most various topic, helping my clients both on their social media channels with editorial plans and customised strategies, and on their websites through creative and SEO-oriented content.

Thanks to the years passed between the two countries, I have also taken over the study of the English language, this time with the push of a more local and less academic approach.

In 2019, now living in Belfast permanently, I decided to test myself by taking the exam for the Cambridge Certificate of English (obtaining the ability at Level C2, Proficiency) and adding a bilingual approach to my job by writing and localizing texts in both Italian and English. This has been an excellent achievement professionally: in recent years I have had the opportunity to help many clients to internationalize their communication, taking it to the next level.

However, I believe the high point of mastering the English language is above the opportunity to better communicate with people from different countries and cultures, both on the web and in person.

I liked this feeling of being able to widen my communication to reach all over the world, and slowly the idea of searching for languages โ€‹โ€‹even more universally recognised began to make room in my thoughts.

That’s why I started studying graphic facilitation and visual communication. In the future I hope to be able to put these techniques into practice both to help customers better explain themselves to their public, and to work closely with associations and non-profit organizations to make intercultural communication easier.

My creative and working path, in short:

My first day as a freelancer

I started working in the world of digital communication in 2010, embracing the Web 2.0 revolution.


Hello, I'm a copywriter and SEO writer

I widened my work field from social media to every kind of written digital communication.


Ciao! I mean hi…I've gone bilingual!

After moving to Belfast I started applying a bilingual approach to my work.


Welcome, Cambridge Certificate

I decided to make it official with a Cambridge English Certificate of Ability at C2 Level (Proficiency) at Belfast Metropolitan College


Pushing my visual boundaries

I started studying a new method to communicate globally through visual facilitation


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