Emanuela Mae Agrini.

I can help you communicate better in Italian, English and through Visual Content.

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I can help improve your communication through captivating and impactful texts that involve and engage your target: you can choose to work with me in Italian, English or both. Additionally, we can find a way to simplify your complex messages through the visual facilitation of events, meetings and simple ideas.

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Content & SEO Writing
ENG/ITA Translation
Visual Facilitation & Scribing

I can create for you captivating texts, find the perfect naming and develop other original and creative texts, all ready to be used in your advertising campaigns, digital channels and beyond.

Content & SEO Writing

I write texts for websites and blogs to help you reach your niche through interesting and engaging content, with attention to search engines optimization.

ENG/ITA Translation

All my work can be done in Italian or English, or both languages. The texts are translated and complete with localization to make them suitable for the different destination countries.


I create different types of illustrations on commission, from food to fashion, up to reportage and editorial. I work both digitally and with traditional media.

Visual Facilitation & Scribing

I use graphic facilitation to simplify and clarify complex concepts. I also offer visual scribing and graphic recording services during corporate and public events.

I am a freelance copywriter and content creator with a flair for visuals.

From 2010.

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"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

Ludwig Wittgenstein


"What does the world really look like? I know it doesn't look like photographs. The camera sees geometrically, and we must see psychologically. So what does it really look like? I think you have to draw it."

David Hockney


"A creative career isn't about climbing the mountain, it's about always climbing the mountain."

Steven Kotler

Author and journalist

I work remotely and I thrive in creative roles within international teams.

That’s how I roll.

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